In order to keep CBD Live a ‘Covid Safe’ venue, we are taking every precaution (and more) to do so.

Of course we have needed to make some adjustments in the way we run events but please be rest assured we are not complacent in any way. We will absolutely not jeopardise the safety and health of our patrons, our team or our business.

We ask that ALL event attendees familiarise themselves with the following terms and conditions upon entry into the CBD Live showroom.

Changes to Seating Allocations

All seating allocation is as per your nominated seat originally purchased however as we appreciate not all tables of attendees are known to each other or comfortable being less than 1.5m from each other, we will be setting many additional tables in the room to allow for anyone who chooses to relocate to a spare table may do so for their own comfort/safety.  There will be a maximum capacity of 500 guests at each show during the current restrictions of 2sqm accessible space per person requirement.

Access & Exit Points

In order to reduce congestion and prevent crowding, our nominated entry and exit points will be monitored by our staff to ensure that patrons keep moving and do not stop and cause congestion.  Upon entry, our staff will usher you in smaller groups where possible.

We will also be opening the showroom earlier than the advertised doors open time to allow guests to enter the room over a longer period of time to minimise any congestion points.


A refund will be issued in this case.  Please email with your confirmation number.

Terms & Conditions of Ticket Sale